What Do Your Symptoms and Illnesses Tell You About Yourself?

A Lot, Actually!

Did you know that when you are experiencing joy, your body moves differently than when you are feeling anger?

And when you are feeling a lack of direction or a lack of purpose, both your feet point out!

Understanding how your emotions and thoughts affect you physically is the key to optimum health and wellness!

Let Me Tell You Why...

When a physical symptom is “psychosomatic,” it actually originates from a thought or emotion.

Some people would relate this to the placebo effect, where sugar pills can work if the patient believes they are a strong drug.

Unfortunately, Psychosomatic problems are often much more powerful, and the outcome can be sickness, disease, and pain.

Our bodies translate negative memories or states into physical trauma which can wreak havoc on our lives.

Thoughts, feelings, and experiences imprint on our body and tell a story.

The story is created from our mental and emotional states, and we are all authors of our own life experiences.

Your body has imprinted your story and is reacting according to how your thoughts and emotions control the events in your life.

Psychosomatic wellness is the future of medicine.

Our body and mind are an integrated unit: Psycho (mind) Somatic (body).

Your body language is the universal language of your soul.

In many instances, certain symptoms we feel are psychosomatic.

We may think we are sick, and our body symptoms convince us that we are.

As we think, so we become!

Many times, this psychosomatic illness is due to our disorganized way of living, our experiences, and our lessons in life.

By analyzing the condition of the body shape, size, tissue, and any contorting of the structure, the emotional past of a person can be revealed.

These features can be seen through the face, hands, feet, or the body as a whole.

And one way to decode the body’s messages is by examining the chakra system.

Your Chakra System

Chakras are the major energy centers of the body.

These centers are positioned along the spine, and each chakra has internal organs associated with it.

By understanding the body at the energetic level, you can see how the structure and internal organs can be compromised when it deforms, throwing its balance and rhythm off and hindering the body from being at its full potential.

Psychosomatic Numerology combines the insights of Numerology with the psychosomatic imprints found in chakras in your body.

Every number or vibration you have from your name and your date of birth corresponds to a particular chakra. 

All chakras have a location in your body, covering that area from front to back, including the organs, glands, and the nervous system. 

All unbalanced numbers or vibrations in your chart will reflect an imbalance anchored in your body.

Revealing this imbalance will assist you to heal and understand your life according to the ailments you have physically and your larger destiny, karma, and purpose. 

Psychosomatic Numerology consultation with Joseph will help you understand and overcome your past experiences, eliminate physical pain, and finally connect with your destiny!

Your Psychosomatic Numerology Consultation

Joseph is the only one in the world offering this unique combined consultation, which includes:

BLUEPRINT NUMEROLOGY READING: Numerology chart and phone consultation with Joseph

PSYCHOSOMATIC BLUEPRINT NUMEROLOGY READING: Psychosomatic chart and phone consultation with Joseph

Recording of the calls

#1 ~ Your Blueprint Numerology Reading Will Help You:

✓ Identify any residue in your past that’s still with you now… and get rid of it!

✓ Understand your experiences and lessons… so you don’t repeat mistakes!

✓ Understand your challenges in life… so you can overcome them!

✓ Identify your weaknesses and strengths… and start using them!

✓ Figure out where you are stuck in your life… and get unstuck!

✓ Learn about your gifts… and share them with the world!

✓ Start to look at yourself… from a different perspective!

✓ Live your 9-Year Cycles… and be on track with them!

✓ Understand your karma… and make any necessary changes!

#2 ~ Your Psychosomatic Blueprint Numerology Reading Will Help You:

✓ Identify core issues of the physical body through your Numerology chart… so you can begin healing them!

✓ Check for balanced or imbalanced energy in the physical body… and start aligning your energy!

✓ Identify any physical problems or psychosomatic issues in the chakras location… and handle them!

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